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Terms and Conditions

1. Product must be consistent with the physical description assurance

2. All products must be brand-new ,except we specified

3. Some products may be Irregular (Specified) , which failed to meet the requirements of the factory (for example, a small amount of thread), but still suitable for wearing , If the goods have serious quality problems, we will provide replacement goods or full conversion)
4. Regular and Brand-New products may also have a small amount of rough or imperfect, but to achieve the requirements of the factory

5a Post / courier: After payment orders, stuffs will be sent in 1-4 days
   b Local pickup : To temporarily change the time, it must inform 2 hours before the pickup's time 

6 All pre-order products is estimated to arrive in 2 weeks, but the distribution time is difficulty predicted ,it may be longer or shorter. Refund is not acceptable unless more than 4 weeks delay